Love & Respect Your Body
With A Rejuvenating Massage

Did you know that a 60 minute massage is
equivalent to 7-8 hours of sleep for your body?

Book with our professional massage therapists
on the Sunshine Coast and feel the difference.

Self-Care At Its Best

You Can Choose From A Range Of Massage Styles We Offer

Remedial Massage

Do you experience sciatic, carpal tunnel, stiff necks, headaches, sports injuries or any other muscle complaints?

Don’t let muscle tension and chronic pain limit your life. We identify which muscles are giving you trouble and tailor a treatment plan that best suits you. Regular treatments help you enjoy your life better.


Relaxation Massage

Want to relax your mind and body? Massage is an excellent way to relax your tense muscles – book your next massage today.

Massage therapists will move at a slower pace and use lighter pressure, smooth and gliding strokes to help you relax. You might even fall asleep!


Hot Stone Massage

It is a great way to pamper yourself and also boot your overall health and well-being.

Hot Stone Massage promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones on your body. It has proven to be an effective form of soothing aching and tired muscles, it’s guaranteed to make you feel great after your massage.


I have been a regular massage customer with Alex over the past six months and find here unique blend of massage styles to be extremely beneficial. Alex addresses the areas that you highlight as being a problem and intuitively detects other areas that may be the true source of the problem. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex as a massage therapist and the other services she offers at Worx.

– Ian M.


We are ready to listen and support you to achieve a look good, feel great lifestyle.